Our Mission:

Wellness strategies that work

Most efforts to improve health and well-being fall short of our expectations.

This is true for companies that want to increase the wellness of their employees and for individuals who want better personal health. 

There is no simple solution, but certain strategies over time will make a positive difference.


How It Works

We harness the power of networks to spread real health throughout your company. This represents a fundamental shift in thinking and approach; it’s not business as usual. Here’s how it works.

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Radical Concepts in Health

In this four-part series, our lead expert Dr. Joyce Young calls for a radical new approach to health and employee wellness programs—one that aligns with modern science and gives employees the means to achieve the states of high capacity needed to address today’s demands.

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How to Get a Competitive Edge and Real Health for Your Company:



Real health is now a business imperative. It requires mastery of seven essential skills.


Stop chasing everything else.


Tap the power of the well-being network that already exists in your company. Give your employees attractive ideaseffective tools, and a practice community. Watch real health grow and spread.