There is no magic pill for real health. But there is a way to enhance your employees' health and well-being—a new and better way.

Imagine a place where people can free their minds from distractions and ads, get their attention back, and focus only on what works—just the essentials for real health. 

Here people will encounter new ideas and new ways of seeing. Experts to help them focus and grow. Essential practices, tools, and a guided path for boosting health and well-being. Like-minded individuals to practice alongside them. 

What is it?

The High Health Network is a practice community for mastery of the seven essential skills required for real health. It’s designed to help companies enhance the health and well-being of their employees for a competitive edge and to help people level up in health for personal and professional success.

Who is it for?

  • Companies ready to upgrade their wellness programs.

  • Business leaders who want a favorable return on investment and a competitive edge.

  • Human resources professionals who want to help their leaders and companies engage the best option for employee wellness.

  • And, for a limited time, individual employees who are deeply interested in their own health and would like to see their companies upgrade their support for employee well-being.

What’s inside


You’ll discover high health practices, a vibrant practice community, and a focused path. Our experts guide members through courses, topical discussions, practicums, and master classes. Live events are ongoing, and members can work at their own pace.

Members will have opportunities to meet and network with:

  • Change agents, innovators, and makers

  • Business leaders and entrepreneurs

  • Curious, self-reliant explorers and mavericks

  • Health and well-being enthusiasts

  • People who focus on potential and possibility

  • Experts in physical health, mental and emotional well-being, and workplace wellness

Join in topical discussions, vision summits, and events like:

  • A new way of seeing

  • Real health starts in the mind

  • The 7 essential skills for real health

  • Seeding real health into your culture

  • Real health for executives

Gain access to premium practice paths for mastering the seven essential skills for real health:

  • Springboard 1 featuring Mindset Generator

  • Springboard 2

  • Springboard 3

  • Mastery Group

Why a network?

Real health spreads faster in groups. A network scales. It’s more affordable for all. And practice is easier when you have company, expert guidance, and a focused, clear way forward. That’s why we focus on workplaces. It’s more powerful to work inside group cultures.


A rare opportunity

This is a rare opportunity to encounter transformational ideas, practices, and people. 

Think more clearly, restore your energy, and develop capacity that may surprise you. Fuel your mind and body, move with ease and agility, and do what matters most. 

Real health fuels personal and professional success in today’s world of across-the-board disruption. The better our health, the better our lives—no matter what comes.


Your return on investment*

We typically take health for granted and don’t even think about it—unless it’s missing. Then it’s gold. High health gives you energy, stamina, and creativity. It makes it possible to live life on your own terms and do what matters most.

We provide a focused, expert-led path for companies that are ready to upgrade their wellness programs and people who are ready to level up in health for personal and professional success. Ad-free, no distractions. Essential skills only.

All for less than a cup of coffee a day.

If you could change your health—and life—with pocket change, why wouldn’t you?

We look forward to meeting you inside. 

* Are you a business leader looking for ROI? Visit our Executive Portal to watch chapter 2 of our Executive Briefing Series, “The Great ROI Hunt.” Or request our one sheet.