7 Essential Skills for
Real Health

Today’s demanding business environment requires seven essential skills for combating low energy, distraction, common illnesses, and depletion.  

The skills are:

  1. Growth Mindset: Know you can build and manage your own health

  2. Laser Focus: Restore attention and mental energy

  3. Life GPS: Navigate by meaning and purpose

  4. Rocket Fuel: Get the best nutrients to power mind and body

  5. Cat Power: Balance, flex, and strengthen core movements 

  6. Reserves: Develop capacity for high-demand periods

  7. Keep Calm and Carry On: Manage emotions and stay composed

Discover more about them in A Bias for Action: Practices for Health Empowerment.

All seven skills are required. They’re not hard to learn—with effective methods, time, and practice. We created the High Health Network to make it easy.

We created a quick explainer video to reveal these skills, based on the best research we have found to date.