The Power of Networks

“Network effects are known to be present in all industries. . . . [They] proliferate in the business world.”  —Albert-László Barabási, Linked: The New Science of Networks


1. everything is made of networks

New science reveals that everythingfrom the global economy to the tiniest cellis made of networks.


2. networks aren't random

Networks follow predictable mathematical formulas and share certain fundamental properties, like the ability to spread ideas and behaviors quickly.


3. harness network effects to spread real health

Your company is made of networks. At least one includes people who already value and cultivate their health.

If you find this informal network that already exists and give it effective tools, attractive ideas, and a practice community it will grow. That’s what networks do.

It sounds simple, and it is—with the right tools and support. That’s why we created the High Health Network. It’s a way for businesses to produce real health and maintain a competitive edge by harnessing the power of networks.