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Real health is now a business imperative. It’s a hidden force that, when tapped,
gives your company a competitive edge.

Today’s demanding business environment requires companies to be creative, strong, and nimble.
There is no stasis. You’re either progressing—or regressing. Which are you choosing?


Executive Briefing Series, Chapter 2:
The Great ROI Hunt

Executive Briefing Series

The great ROI hunt. You know where to find any number—or do you?

What’s the return on investment for your company’s medical coverage? What about employee wellness? You won't find either number on a P&L statement.

Can you even measure ROI for wellness? We say you can; you just have to know where to look.

Executive Briefing Series, Chapter 1:
Tap the Hidden Force

What’s keeping company leaders up at night?

We assembled a brain trust of CEOs, executive consultants, and corporate attorneys to tell us. 

As you might expect, they had plenty to say. But here’s what we didn’t expect:

None knew about a hidden force inside their company—a force with the power to influence all of their biggest problems and desires.


Radical Concepts in Health

In this four-part series, our lead expert Dr. Joyce Young calls for a radical new approach to health and employee wellness programs—one that aligns with modern science and gives employees the means to achieve the states of high capacity needed to address today’s demands.  


The Power of Networks

New science reveals that everything—from the global economy to the tiniest cell—is made of networks. Your company is made of networks. At least one includes people who already value and cultivate their health.

If you find this informal network that already exists and give it effective tools, attractive ideas, and a practice community, it will grow. That’s what networks do.


Real Health Manifesto

Treating illness is not the same as creating health. Discussions about healthcare, insurance, problems, and pathology don’t address health itself. We need a radical new understanding of what health actually is. 

Real health comes from within and must be cultivated. It can’t be bought or sold. It doesn’t come in a pill or procedure. It’s not just the absence of illness.


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