Real health requires practice.

Springboard is a science-based platform for practicing the seven essential skills for real health. We deliver it through the High Health Network practice community.


master the 7 Essential skills for real health

Essential skill needed today Master it with this Springboard tool
1. Growth Mindset: Know you can build and manage your own health Mindset Generator (full version)—Reveals truths about real health; trains the brain like a muscle to build a sense of personal power, confidence, and control; powerfully shifts thinking toward growth, mastery, and creative action
2. Laser Focus: Restore attention and mental energy Nature—Simple, restorative experiences with the natural world
3. Life GPS: Navigate by meaning and purpose Meaning Uncovered—A series of powerful steps for directing life with purpose
4. Rocket Fuel: Get the best nutrients to power mind and body Nourish—Practical ways to obtain nutrient-rich foods that build health and fuel cellular metabolism
5. Cat Power: Balance, flex, and strengthen core movements Eight Gateways—A set of practices for optimizing core movement patterns
6. Reserves: Develop capacity for high-demand periods Boost—A special type of physical training that switches between intervals of intensity and recovery
7. Keep Calm and Carry On: Manage emotions and stay composed Mindfulness—Techniques for focusing attention, cultivating positive emotions, and becoming more aware of the body and the present moment

Track Your progress

Real-time feedback and measurement tools help people gauge their progress, mastery of essential skills, and health and energy levels. Streaks support regular practice.

Science-Based, Effective Practices

Springboard’s 500-plus high health practices are backed by decades of research and delivered by expert guides in physical health, mental and emotional well-being, workplace wellness, and behavioral science.